Company Profile

IMS brings together an exceptional and unbreakable tie between business vision, a practical know-how and a deep devotion to its mission: to take part in Africa's progression towards modernization and improved healthcare.
During the years, IMS gained much experience in a broad range of fields of expertise, from complex engineering and constructional challenges to human resources and elaborate logistical scenarios. 

As we specialize in large scale healthcare projects, there is zero tolerance for any errors. The occurrence of such errors could easily lead to death of many people. We are fully aware of this outcome and bear that in mind on a daily basis. Verifying each action and decision is part of IMS routine. There is no Quality Assurance department in IMS, as we don't see it as a separate step in the process. QA is inherent to IMS.

Although precise in engineering and execution like a Swiss watch, the human factor always stands behind IMS's actions. The fact that IMS founders, seasoned international business experts, chose to specialize in helping other people through large healthcare systems, is not incidental. It is the result of a conscious decision.