Mission Statement

By IMS founders

When we decided to join forces around 1999, we were both established and experienced in international business and strategies. Yet this fruitful cooperation, which led to the creation of IMS, allowed us to realize and fulfill our long term vision.
The business world is full of various opportunities. What one chooses to concentrate in, is  probably never a coincidence. Of all fields of expertise, we chose to specialize in public healthcare; in the creation of life saving projects.
With a wide portfolio of  large hospitals and healthcare centers, which serve hundreds of thousands of people, we still do not (and probably will never) allow ourselves to rest on our laurels: being life saving initiative in their nature, healthcare projects allow zero tolerance for errors.
New challenges are always ahead of us, they are our source of motivation and the tool to achieve our goals.
Honoring our persistent and long-standing activity for the people of Equatorial Guinea, the government of Equatorial Guinea decided to appoint Ms. Yardena Ovadia, co-founder of IMS, as Honorary Consul of the republic in Israel.
Ms. Ovadia is proud to serve and represent the Equatorial Guinean people and government in her homeland Israel.

Yardena Ovadia,
Honorary Consul of
Equatorial Guinea in Israel 


Arie Horesh