La Paz Bata

La Paz hospital in Bata was one of the first large project IMS has taken upon itself in Equatorial Guinea. Our biggest challenge was in pre-assessing our client's needs, since there was no prior project in that scale to build upon. As various feedback was flowing all along the planning construction, we had to demonstrate flexibility and high capabilities of adaptation. The process proved itself and contributed to our future projects. Since then, implementing constructive comments on the run became part of IMS DNA.

To enhance efficiency and provide instant response in case of emergencies, most medical personnel reside in at the hospital compound, which includes all facilities for them and their families. In addition, a hotel was built in the hospital vicinity, to allow visitors and patients' family members the option to stay nearby.

In order to ensure autonomous and ongoing operation of the hospital, IMS had created an energy power supply center within the complex, which guarantees a continuous and uninterrupted functioning of all medical units during electricity failures