Ebola Identification Lab

September 2014

As a result of the spread of the Ebola virus in West Africa, the Equatorial Guinea government has decided to take measures to stop the spread of the virus to Equatorial Guinea, and if it should come, to efficiently cope with it.

With the framework of these preparations it was decided to open a modern lab which will be capable of identifying the virus within hours. It should be pointed out that today there are only five labs in Africa capable of diagnosing the virus using the PCR molecular system. Due to the complexities involved in this lab system, the Equatorial Guinea government has decided to develop this modern lab at La-Paz Hospital, as it is the most modern hospial in Equatorial Guinea. In order to expedite the process of opening the lab, it has been decided to purchase a modular lab facility, made in the USA. The lab is scheduled to reach La-Paz Hospital soon, and hospital employees are busily making the necessary preparations. We are hoping that the virus will not spread to Equatorial Guinea and that the lab will be used only for molecular testing of infections and tumors.